What We Do

Nexgram Biomedic (NMed)’s Medical Brands Limited subsidiary Tri-G Technologies Sdn Bhd specialized in procurement and distribution of medical devices such as Antibody & Antigen Rapid Test Kit, PCR Reagents Test Kit, and other molecular diagnosis solutions. Medic Data Science Limited provides Covid-19 medical test and vaccines record tracking platform to Tri-G’s Tracvirus anti-fraud and anti-fake Electronic Certificate (E-Cert). NMed Bioscience Sdn Bhd subsidiary Vaccines Lab Sdn Bhd with the focus in South East Asia human vaccine distribution, cooperating with vaccine developers around the world for safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines sourcing. NMed Industries Sdn Bhd subsidiary Glove Alliances Sdn Bhd through distributorship and contract manufacturing, secured disposal medical nitrile gloves for whole sales contract buyers worldwide.

Here are some of NMed businesses in medical devices, drugs, science, and research & development programs.


Global sourcing and distribute the right products for our customers.


We produce and made available affordable medical devices for our stakeholders, including personal protection equipment, face shield, intubation, medical gloves, and more.


Programs and codes by like minded for a wired medical world. Connect to medical hospital, clinic and pharmacy procurement and tracking system, and more, live.


Research and develop the right formulas, drugs and vaccines for our customers.


Customised modern medicine and treatment for sustainable humanity.


Procure and provide cutting edge facilities for our stakeholders.

“Let’s build something together.”